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Only Fools and Horses the Musical - The TV show brought to life on stage

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Friday, 12 August 2022

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Saturday, 29 April 2023

Running time
2 hours 30 minutes

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Only Fools and Horses the Musical

Join Rodney (or is it Dave?), Granddad, Del Boy and co for a musical treat that'll have you in fits of giggles all the way through. Only Fools and Horses the Musical is written by comedian and Fast Show creator Paul Whitehouse together with Jim Sullivan, the son of the original TV series' creator John Sullivan. John died in 2011 while working on this musical, and it has been wholly approved by the great man's Estate for us all to enjoy. There are 20 brand new show tunes to enjoy too, part-authored by Chas Hodges from the band Chas and Dave, also sadly missed. And there are oodles of in-jokes from the telly series, all the best ones we love so much.

The chandelier scene. Del Boy falling through the bar, Del Boy's poker face. Tony Angelino singing “Cwying”. The sex dolls. Trigger's broom. The auction. Which of them appear in this magically silly tribute to the sitcom? Come along and see for yourself, laugh until you cry, and sing along as the fun unfolds further than ever thanks to a bunch of hilarious new material. Welcome to Trotter's Independent Trading Company. We hope you enjoy the ride.

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Young Couples:

Surprisingly good
Went on the off chance and chose low-priced seats which were hard on our backs. A very helpful usherette found us some alternative seats for the second half. Music good and the show had a real feel-good factor.
John, 15 Mar 2023
Must see
Exerlernt verry funny
Sarah, 10 Mar 2023
Brilliant show
Great story such a good laugh & met Paul White House outside as he photobombed us ha ha !!
Joanne, 10 Mar 2023
A joy from start to finish
Even with the distant view from the seats in the gods, the show was excellent. The actor that plays Del on a Monday was superb; can't believe that anyone would play it better.
Angela, 07 Mar 2023
Show was amazing I got ticket late veiw wasn’t great so decided to stand to get better veiw as I had back to the wall, after 30 min a steward came up and demanded I sat down! Seriously not bothering anyone but a jobsworth, still one of the best shows I’ve seen along with back to the future
David, 04 Mar 2023
All actors easily identifiable
Boycie and Marlene were perfect matches. The rest were close enough. Highly recommended.
Eugenio, 02 Mar 2023
A lovely few hours spent laughing with you the partner or friends
Terina, 26 Feb 2023
Hilarious - a must see for Only Fools and Horses fans
So funny - extremely well acted by all. Would go and see it again if it came up North (Stockton Globe ideally!)
Elaine, 24 Feb 2023
Absolutely pukka
What an amazing show!! Would recommend to anyone! Absolutely brilliant!! Lovely jubbly!! 😁
hayley, 24 Feb 2023
She loved it! Highly highly recommended
Bought as a birthday present for my Mum, she's a regular theatre goer and admitted it wouldn't have been her first choice. Saying that it was one of her favourite shows - even said she'd go and see it again! If you're thinking of buying tickets I couldn't recommend highly enough!
Ryan, 17 Feb 2023
Seats although slightly blocked stage on lefthand side we were still able to fully enjoy show. Excellent from start to finish with added interval entertainment from some audience nuisances eho were eventually removed from building. Staff were great in dealing with said nuisances.
Tracey, 17 Feb 2023
Fab show
If your an only fools and horses fan you will love the show, it was excellent would definitely recommend.
Tina, 10 Feb 2023
Excellent, a must see for any Only Fools & Horses fan
Whilst I'm a massive Only Fools fan, I was unsure how it could be made into a musical without losing the original story and humour that always made it an iconic tv program, especially without the original cast. I decided to book anyway and take my girlfriend for our anniversary and I am glad we did. It was a fantastic show, great actors who were absolutely spot on with the voices and mannerisms of each character, especially Rodney who sounded exactly like the original and Boyce got the laugh to a T, in fact all the cast were brilliant. Lots of iconic moments were captured in the show with a few other subtle references to other iconic storylines from the tv series. Overall, great show, great cast & acting, a must see for anyone but especially if you're an Only Fools fan. Finally we sat in the stalls row J and the seats were perfect.
Rob, 10 Feb 2023
A must see
Very funny show, very entertaining, really enjoyed it
Rachel, 07 Feb 2023
It was the best entertainment from start to finish.True to the original show on TV. It was a true heart warming, happy experience in a this year of a gloomy outlook.
Kathleen, 03 Feb 2023
Deks favourite show
Wonderful experience
Derek, 03 Feb 2023
Brilliant idea for a musical, born out of such an iconic and beloved t.v show. Actors played the roles to perfection. Loved it.
malcolm, 30 Jan 2023
As good as any of the best shows that I've seen in the west end. Excellent.
David, 15 Jan 2023
Triggers broom fan club
Loved the show from start to finsih.Wish we had booked better seats now.The finale was just superb with everyone clapping and singing.A must see.
Lindsay, 09 Jan 2023
A must see
You probably need to have seen tv show or a lot of nuances will be missed! But still an excellent show!
Margaret, 07 Jan 2023
Uplifting show
This show has really good songs,I smiled all the way through,and I have seen it twice now.Les Dennis is excellent as grandad.But everyone else is brilliant too.
Helen, 03 Jan 2023
Fantastic show
So funny. Great family show and so true to the series. All actors were brilliant x
Julie, 31 Dec 2022
A must see !
Fab night full of laughs and nostalgia Took my parents and we absolutely loved it Highly recommend
Jale, 16 Dec 2022
Full of one liners
Laugh out loud.
lorraine, 14 Dec 2022
Fantastically Funny
True to the original and the actors were fab. Bravo 👏
Alan, 09 Dec 2022
Loved it!
A performance full of energy and laughter. Brought back lots of fun moments from the TV show. Would thoroughly recommend.
Dawn, 09 Dec 2022
Great fun from start to finish, would definitely recommend this show.
Glynis, 24 Nov 2022
Excellent entertainment
Good clean fun. Lots of laughs
Linda, 23 Nov 2022
Great Evening
Great casting, show was easy watching with plenty of comedy. Would highly recommend.
Michelle, 23 Nov 2022
Wonderful entertainment
Funny, entertaining and poignant. Well worth a visit.
Louise, 23 Nov 2022
Fun evening
The show was entertaining and enjoyable.
Eithne, 23 Nov 2022
A good knees up!
Well acted, great songs, funny! An all round brilliant show.
Louisa, 11 Nov 2022
Great adaptation!
We had a great time. We laughed from start to finish. Great adaptations throughout. If you’re an OFAH fan, this is a must-see!
Alan, 06 Nov 2022
Lovely Jubbly
Fantastic show must see before it ends
Lynne, 03 Nov 2022
Fabulous Show
A fabulous, feel good, funny and just amazing!
Lynn, 28 Oct 2022
I enjoyed the show as I am a fan of the riginal TV show but you can't cpsre the original actors who played Del Boy and Rodney who were excellent
See above comment
Elizabeth, 27 Oct 2022
It’s a Must see whether your a fan or have never seen the original
Excellent music and acting. So true to the original that I forgot it was a different cast.
Theresa, 27 Oct 2022
A must see for all ages
A really good production, from the music to the comedy everything was great including the acting & scenery/props! Our group ages were 8, 14, 18, 41 & 60 years of age & we all thoroughly enjoyed the show
Eleanor, 21 Oct 2022
Absolutely unreal
Amazing from start to finish, well thought out
Julieanne, 19 Oct 2022
What an amazing performance
This is the first time myself and partner have been to the theatre in London and I am so pleased we chose to see only fools and horses, and the free ticket upgraded just made the show even better. An absolutely fantastic performance, so funny and really entertaining. Highly recommend this show.
Sharon, 17 Oct 2022
Brilliant Show. A must see, even if you didn’t watch the TV series.
Terrific, most enjoyable show. Laugh a minute, great fun - “ Not now Grandpa!” “ This time next year we’ll be millionaires!” Great casting, music and scenes including the Chandelier & the Reliant Van! Thoroughly enjoyable, with laughter as you would expect, lifting the mood in these difficult times. FANTASTIC!! Well done everyone involved.
Alistair, 02 Oct 2022
Loved the show
Do not sit in the gallery the seating is not good
Andrea, 25 Sep 2022
I enjoyed the show.
Cherriel, 23 Sep 2022
Funny uplifting and entertaining throughout
I booked this on a whim as something light and enjoyable to see after mourning HM The Queen. The National anthem playing at the start was a lovely tribute and then onto the show. Brilliant characters, so alike to the real thing but they bought their own style and humour aswell. I didn't know what to expect really as such a fan of Only Fools the TV programme, but I loved it and so glad we went, it was lovely jubbly!
Amanda, 18 Sep 2022
So much better than expected
An absolutely superb show. As an Only Fools and Horses fan I knew I would love it but it was even better than expected. I attended with a friend from overseas who had never watched Only Fools and Horses and also absolutely loved the show. This is a must-see.
Kevin, 17 Sep 2022
A joy to watch
Superb theatre and wonderful show . The scene changes were slick and the lighting was magic.
Heather, 16 Sep 2022
Brilliant show
Superb singing and dancing.A really good night out.
Adrian, 09 Sep 2022
Lovely jubbly
Haven't laughed so much at the theatre! If you enjoy watching Only Fools and Horses you will enjoy the familiar gags that run through the show 😉
Denise, 01 Sep 2022
Not to be missed, laugh a minute.
The quality of the acting was second to none. It was like being in the Trotters front room on the TV show. Everything moved really smoothly and the set was pucker. Great nights fun went with my 12 and 14 year old sons and the loved it. 10-10. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paddy, 25 Aug 2022
Fantastic funny and proper pucker
We had aisle seats in royal circle and the view was great. The show was funny and managed to include so many of the classic Fools and Horses moments. The characters looked and sounded so like the originals. We would definitely recommend to anyone as we had a great experience.
Beryl, 19 Aug 2022
Creative and modern
I thought It was great It was modern whilst still keeping the original theme of the show. I would of wanted the cast to ask the audience to sing along to the theme song at the end as it was that good and everyone knows that song
rachel, 13 Aug 2022
Brillliant, fun, lively and entertaining
What a fun show. Great cast who were totally believable and just like the original tv show. Del, Rodney, Trigger et Al all fantastic. Lovely story, good effects and great energy and entertainment.
Alison, 05 Aug 2022
Lovely jubbly
You’ll laugh & cry , clap & cheer , characters true to original without being over the top , all the best moments are there . Bonjour
Mickey, 27 Jul 2022
Great entertainment
Acting and singing was very good and the story lines were very funny
mark, 26 Jul 2022
Bloody brilliant
We throughly enjoyed the show, packed with laughs.
Georgina, 26 Jul 2022
Very good production
A fan of the tv show I wasn’t sure how it could be turned into a stage production, I needn’t have been concerned. An excellent show with talented actors have turned Paul White house’s script into a smash loved it.
Richard, 26 Jul 2022
Great for anyone who loves only fools and horses
Great show, we really enjoyed it. The actors worked so hard. All the elements and memorable episodes were included.
Amanda, 21 Jul 2022
Brilliant highly recommend
We had an amazing evening the show was outstanding
Nikki, 16 Jul 2022
Thoroughly enjoyed the show Fabulous performance. Written featuring the classic golden moments from the TV series Lots of laughs Great cast
Donna, 15 Jul 2022
Got better in the second half
You could tell who the actors characters were but there was only one stand out actor and that was the one who plays Rodney because his voice and mannerisms were spot on
David, 14 Jul 2022
Ok not great
My wife and l came to see the show.l found it was ok but not great. The show was funny in places Boycie was well played and close to original uncle was very good well played Rodney was good delboy was poor trig was good .the story was ok it was ok but you didn't walk away with that buzz some musicals give
Ronald, 12 Jul 2022
Came from dundee 600 miles away to see the show it was funny a delight...
Graham, 08 Jul 2022
very funny and true to the original show
Shame that the stewards didn't handle at all well the situation of the drunken and rude lady in the audience. Thankfully, people from the audience managed the situation. The theatre's personel requires better training to treat these situations!
Robin Justin, 28 Jun 2022
Fantastic Production!
This is a must watch for all that remember the all time classic series. Music was fantastic as was the story line was nostalgic and the comedy was brilliant. A must watch!
Nishita, 27 Jun 2022
He who dares wins
Absolutely fantastic for a non theatre type this was brilliant loved every minute some very talented people on that stage
Daryl, 24 Jun 2022
everything i could of wished for
just enjoy
james, 23 Jun 2022
Bought back memories
Like watching the show on the Tv but live on stage. Was a real nostalgia trip, actors were amazing, really got the characters actions and mannerisms from the original show to perfection! Had a brilliant time. Would recommend to any fans of the show!
Sonia, 22 Jun 2022
such an underrated musical 😍
Rodney was my favourite massive thank you to him
Adriana, 19 Jun 2022
Great laughs
This was a gift for my hubby who loves OFAH but not keen on musicals, but he loved it and we laughed and sang along. Had a great night.
marylou, 15 Jun 2022
Nostalgic fun
If you liked the series you will like this. Plot line is a bit thin but jokes and songs are fun. Acting is very good.
MICHAEL, 15 Jun 2022
Cockney Nostalgia
Very pleasant show improved as the show went on, very nostalgic triggered flash back memories.
John, 06 Jun 2022
Great performance
Great show for those that love the TV series.
Kathryn, 06 Jun 2022
a very pleasant trip down memory lane with imaginative adaptation
Good ,funny ,great decor and props , avery entertaining evening at that price !
Anne, 06 Jun 2022
Great Fun
We went to this for my son’s 12th birthday as he is a massive only fools fan. This didn’t disappoint. Great thinks to the original tv series and very funny at times. Cast were excellent and production was of a good standard. We sat in row A of the gallery which was comfortable and had good views. Haymarket theatre is lovely and staff are friendly and helpful.
Tracy, 04 Jun 2022
Loved this production!
On holiday from Australia , so was thrilled when I saw this was on ! Been 30 years living in Australia and have very fond memories of the TV show! Loved it … very well produced !!
Norma, 01 Jun 2022
Absolutely Brillant
Show so funny and well acted out.
Mark, 31 May 2022
Must see for anyone
A must see for anyone who has seen only fools and horses through the years
Carl, 28 May 2022
A giggle a minute!
Loved this show even though some of the script was plucked from the TV series, it was great to have the stories played out live by some of the best actors. Don’t feel hard done by if you have the Alternate Del Boy, he was brilliant as were the entire cast. The second half was a laugh a minute leaving me at the end of an enormous feeling of happiness.
Russell, 26 May 2022
Amazing show
One of the best shows I have ever seen and I have seen over 20 including some in Las Vegas. Would recommend to anyone to go and see amazing cast and show
Ann, 21 May 2022
Great show for a good night out
Great show with superb actors bringing only fools back to life... Fab staging and scenery add to the atmosphere... Great songs with all our favourite sketches and one liners ... Really good night out !!
Graham, 18 May 2022
At long last Fun and Laughter
Buy better seats as our sets was a disappointment but still a very good show with all you want from The classic Fools and Horses.
margaret, 15 May 2022
A laugh a minute.
Lovely theatre fabulous show brought the TV series to life. Great casting and set.
Robert, 14 May 2022
Great show - 110% pure entertainment
The show is great entertainment and l would recommend to anyone. It's very funny and the characters are very likened to the TV show. Songs also great and it all knits together very well.
Duncan, 12 May 2022
Awsome Show
A must see. Amazing actors story and so much fun.
Amelia, 11 May 2022
A great night out!
This was full of feel good music with great performers and a fab atmosphere. It probably helps if you have seen the programmes as lots of ‘in’ jokes….that added to the enjoyment for us!
Annie, 11 May 2022
Live entertainment at it's best!
It brought together lots of well known snippets of the TV programme into any evenings live entertainment. Brilliant show for fans and newcomers alike!! Well done to the cast and crew and musicians alike. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
Tina, 07 May 2022
Great show with great actors and would love to see it again
Performances were excellent by all and a must for Only Fools And Horses fans.
Joanna, 05 May 2022
What a great show!
A real fantastic show that highlights some of the epic stories and scenes from the best UK sitcom ever! A real triumph and plenty of entertainment for anyone who comes along.
Roger, 26 Apr 2022
Best show seen for ages
Loved all the ‘dell boy references for officianados
June, 21 Apr 2022
Side splitting from start to finish. Bought these tickets for my wife's birthday as she is from London. I lived in London for 20 years and appreciated the humour better than a lot of people around us. Although I expected the show to be professional we did think it may be a bit twee but none of it ! Absolutely brilliant from start to finish and may even go again !! Long may it run 😁👍
james, 20 Apr 2022
Engaging and funny!
The show was excellent. We went as a family and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Louise, 19 Apr 2022
From the gallery
Most enjoyable 😃
paul, 12 Apr 2022
A must see
A great show, the acting is fantastic all the characters were excellent. If you love the original show, its a must see. Got all the classics lines & scenes in it. 5 Stars from start to finish
Tracy, 07 Apr 2022
Fantastic show
We’ve wanted to see this show since it opened - it was well worth the wait - very very good / excellent performances by all - thank you for a great evening
Helen, 05 Apr 2022
Better than I’d expected. Absolutely hilarious and excellent talent from all the cast. Loved it
Gemma, 31 Mar 2022
Absolutely fantastic!!! A must see!!!
The tickets were a birthday present for my husband… who loves the show, I haven’t watched a whole programme before and I loved it just as much. It was brilliant!!!
Sam, 31 Mar 2022
Lovely Jubbly
Really fun show if you liked the TV Comedy. The acting was superb. Really enjoyable evening.
Shelina, 31 Mar 2022
Fabulous loved every minute ❤
Great show a barrel of laughs.
Emma, 27 Mar 2022
You must go and enjoy all those funny moments again
This show is very enjoyable and includes many of the funny moments from the TV series. The changing of the scenery is like watching a remote controlled jigsaw puzzle, very clever. MEN, if you are seated in the Royal Circle allow at least 3 minutes to get to the toilets. Ladies only have a very short walk.
Martin, 24 Mar 2022
Light and very funny hearty entertainment
Exceptional performance, had me in stitches. Very true to the sitcom and will want you revisit the tv show again
DOUGLAS, 21 Mar 2022