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Theatre Royal Haymarket Seating Plan

Theatre Royal Haymarket seating plan

A theatre has existed on this site since 1720 and was eventually granted its royal patent in 1766. Over the years, the theatre has been remodelled and restored to the original splendour of John Nash’s magnificent Louis XVI design. It seats 893 people over four levels, the stalls, royal circle, upper circle and gallery. All the raised levels are very steeply curved an seats at the side of the rows have a side-on view to the stage.

The stalls

The stalls is one large block of seats with no central aisle dividing the section. All the rows curve round the auditorium, meaning the best seats can be found in the centre area. Owing to the curvature of the rows, the seats at the sides offer a side-on view that looks over the proscenium arch to the stage. The overhang from the royal circle overhead can affect the seats towards the back of the stalls and the last two rows are restricted by quite a significant amount. The whole section is raked, meaning the view from all seats is relatively unrestricted.

The royal circle

The royal circle is made up of three seating blocks: a large central section plus two smaller sections on either side. The rows curve around the balcony and can affect the seats situated at the sides in terms of side-on sightlines to the stage. All sections are well raked and offer clean views over the tops of the audience's heads. The overhang from the upper circle above restricts the view of the back three rows of this level.

The upper circle

Almost identical to the royal circle, this level comprises three seating blocks. The overhang from the balcony above affects the last three rows of seats. The first three rows are obstructed by safety rails that run along the edge and the best seats can be found in the central section in the middle, offering good value for money.

The balcony

This section is incredibly steep and the height can prove an issue for anyone suffering from vertigo. The balcony is made up of just one section with no central aisle. Leg-room can be particularly tight and it can feel very claustrophobic. The sightlines to the stage are quite good because of the steep slope but you can feel very distant from the action on stage.

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